UK Siamese and Orientals kittens
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  Our Breeding Queens      

Kimelpha  Queenne Nefertiri (37h)

Grand Champion Shermese Kudos (37k) x Kimelpha Kallykym Kyrii (41ds)




Kally – Kimelpha Kallykym Kyrii (41ds)

Grand Champion Nutrostar Precious Gold (37d) x Kimelpha Kanyaa Keisha (38hs)

Suki – Kimelpha Sukanyshen (41ps)

Gr Ch Oopseeidee Cirquedusoleil (41n) x Kimelpha Kiara Kallista (43fns)


Kimelpha Kanyaa Keisha (38hs)

Imperial Grand Champion Bethanjo Red October (32a) x Kimelpha Sukanyashen (41ps)


Marille – Kimelpha Marille Alaya (38fn)

Ch Adateam Maximo (32fn) x Kimelpha Sukanyashen (41ps)


General Photos of our cats and kittens. Click on a photo for full size image
  Tavi with his siblings   2 month old kittens  
  Pr Kimelpha Farinel Katavi 42n (Tavi) with Tipe’s kittens x Gr Ch Johpas Trickortreat 32a – born 5th Oct 2005   Tipe with her chocolate point and chocolate tabby point Siamese – born 5th Oct 2005  
  Suki with kittens   Tipe with Suki’s six kittens and her own one  
  Suki with kittens (born 22nd Feb 2006) taken on 6th Mar   Suki’s kittens (taken 14th Apr 2006)  
  Kimelpha Farinel Katavi - Tavi  

Tavi, Coco and kittens (taken 15th Apr 2006)

  Kimelpha Phadalko - Bouncing   Spotted Oriental Tabbies (taken 25th Sep 2008)  
  Imperial Grand Champion Bethanjo Red October (32a) x Kimelpha Sukanyashen (41ps) Kitten's at 7 weeks (taken 2009)   Kittens at 6 weeks (2009) Ch Mylynn Maguire (32c) x Keisha  
    oriental kittens  
  Kittens at 10 weeks (2009) Ch Mylynn Maguire (32c) x Keisha
Sukiís kittens with big sister, Keisha, at 8 weeks (2010)  
    Oriental kittens  
  Keisha with her kittens (2010)   2011 Kittens Marille Alaya (38fns) and Precious Gold’s (37d) at 7 weeks  
  Kymii Apricot Tabby Siamese   Kittens at 11 weeks  
  oriental kittens    
  Kittens, with Mother, at 14 weeks   Born on 10th February 2013 - to Grand Champion Shermese Kudos (37k) & Kimelpha Kallykym Kyrii (41ds), 6 kittens.  

Born on 15th June 2014 to Drestothril Dodinsky (24) & Kimelpha Queene Nefertiri (37h), 4 kittens.






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